Let's create your first hunt! 

1.) From the dashboard click on the Hunts menu.

2.) On the hunts dashboard click New Hunt or if it's your first time you can click Create Hunt (see below)


3.) Name your hunt.  Pick a descriptive name for your hunt (many users use the product's name). Also, optionally add an image to the hunt for easier identification.  Manu users use the product's main image.

4.) Choose a template. Chose from our default templates or create your own.

5.) Create your subject line. This can make or break your open rates, so choose a good one! We actually recommend using the default one, it's the same one Amazon uses for order updates and also has a ~46% open rate conversion.

6.) Delivery settings.  We need to choose when you want to send your review emails.

6a.) For orders placed from - Choose to set for future order or pick specific dates in the past


6b.) When Order Is - Trigger an email to be created and scheduled after an order hits a certain status.

  • Confirmed - once an order is out of pending and reaches payment complete. Emails send within 24 hours after. Most times with FBA, they will have shipped within hours of an order being confirmed.
  • Shipped - when the order is marked shipped inside Amazon's systems.
  • Delivered - when the order has made it to the buyer. Accuracy is within 12 to 24 hour timeframe.


6c.) Send Email After. Once an order has reached the previously selected status; you can adjust how many days to wait afterwards to send the email.

For example; sending a general follow up around 1 or 2 days after an order is Delivered is perfect timing. Usually gives them a day or so to have opened up and checked the package.

Then sending a request for a product review or feedback about 5 to 8 days after Delivered gives the buyer enough time to evaluate your product(s) for a review and also ample time to reply to your first follow up email if there are any issues.


6d.) At This Time. Send the emails at a specific hour of the day when your buyers are most likely to open, read, and respond.

You know your buyers better than anyone else. For example; if you sell desktop night lamps, sending emails during late evenings will catch them as they are likely using your product.

These hours are currently in US West timezone.


7.) Targeting Options.  Set what products and buyers you want to target.

7a.) ASINs - Choose all products, specific ASINs and/or exclude specific ASINs

7b.) Used Promotion - Target if buyers used a specific promotion.

7c.) Fulfilled by - Filter only orders that are Fulfilled by Merchant, Fulfilled by Amazon, or both.

This is useful if you are using a combination of both fulfillment types and needing to further tailor custom messages between the two.

7d.) Repeat Buyers - Send to only buyers that have purchased from you before. Or to only buyers that are first-time customers of yours. Or send to all buyers regardless.

7e.) Country - Sellers can take advantage of sending custom translated emails to only orders from certain country marketplaces.

Be sure to create each translated version emails as a Template, and assign them to a Hunt with only those countries selected.

8.) Click Continue at the bottom of the page.  If the button is not green you are missing data in a field above.

9.) Review and Activate - Review your hunt and finally click Activate & Start Hunt.

That's it! You've created your first hunt.