For those Amazon sellers who are actively selling in the European marketplace; you can now access Feedbackz invoices that are formatted with the VAT requirements you need. If you are not selling in Europe, you do not need this and can continue with the current Standard Invoices.

With VAT invoices, there were some additional fields that needed to be displayed on our invoices to you:

  • Your VAT number
  • Your address
  • A description of our service
  • Clarity we are US based and not VAT registered (notated in our address and bottom note text)

Inside your Account Settings > Invoices (click the top right icon, click Account Settings, then Invoices on the left hand side) - you will now see a grey link titled switch to VAT invoices in the top right of the first box.




After clicking this link, it will switch your Feedbackz account to display VAT style invoices from now on. In the first top box; you will find you can add & edit additional fields that were missing from before.

Once saved, you will find when you go to click and access an invoice (from the list below in the second box) that they will now appear to display those fields and a few others.

If there are any questions on this feature, or if we are missing or needing to display even more information in our VAT Invoices, please reach out to us and we will get it adjusted asap to make sure our new format comply with all VAT invoice requirements!